What's in a name?

just curious as to how people come up with their user names.

mine is pretty simple and nothing fancy. it came from my bmx trails 8up.

8up, from the first set of jumps which were an 8 pack that started at the top of a small hill and they brought you back up hill in almost a complete circle.

Local, well because they are my local trails of course. lol

so how about you?

Well, Schlammspringer is simply the german translation of Mud Springer. A little animal, living in the mud lol

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Rough - Rider is what it sounds like. I guess it reflects my personality. I've had the same as a username since I was 15 and thought it was cool at the time. Now I like it because it expresses how harsh I can be, but then how easy I can be also. Rider definitely refers to motorsports and anything with motors and wheels.

Edit: No, it wasn't named after contraceptives......

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I came up with ridgerunner_85 from the first Spintires forums, and it only felt right to carry that forum username over to the new game. A ridge runner is another name for a bootlegger; a guy or gal who runs illegal booze along the ridges instead of going over the mountain tops to avoid being spotted when making deliveries. Its also a nickname for folks who live in Northern to Central Pennsylvania, and another name for trail guides on the Appalachian Trail, which also runs through PA. For me though, its more of the bootlegger/outlaw side of things

The 85 is my birth year, so that should tell you how old i am lmao

the first part (B101) is the first part of the registration number of my first new vehicle I purchased using the proceeds from my first contract after I left school while conventionally intelligent kids of the same age were still at school, it was a Land Rover 90 2.5L n/a diesel equipped with a Fairey (SuperWinch) 525 PTO winch, I owned that Land Rover for 20 years until I sold it in 2005 after it had covered just over half a million miles (over 440k miles were done after I re-engine it with a Peugeot 2.5L n/a diesel).

the "UK" part is nothing more than the standard shortened contraction of my home country.

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Lead Developer - Spintires MudRunner

I often use nickname "Kopavel". Thats because when we played Tibia back in school my friends used nicknames "Kolian" (from Nickolay) and "Koleg" (from Oleg). 🙂

Woah....Pavel has graced us with his presence, something he couldn't do while working with Ooovee 😃

shuffy nickname from growing up
sk = skunk king
#29 is my age so i dont forget 🙂

I found and watched the 1977 movie "Sorcerer" around the same time I found the tech demo of Spintires.

As a kid my uncle used to call me "Sam the flash back" can't remember why, but I like the sound of flashback

@flashback nice ring to it. For sure

Linux = Leenuks
First linux operating system I ever used, Redhat 6.

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Check My Pixel ^^ cause we are right now on the digital side of life.

Picked this name cause its not bound to a shooter, racing or some other stereotype.
Also ZeGerman was taken on Steam. ^^

In RL you can call me Martin.

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Digital X is a name I have used since the Amiga 1200 days. Just stuck with me. Guess I was just fascinated with technology at the time.

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I love Lord of The Rings books, so i made up this name from several characters mentioned in book series.

Lórindë´s - if you want to try it in Google. Michael is real name.

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Raddad1975. Back when I got a ps3 and started playing online games and stuff I needed a name so I asked my youngest (he was like 11 at the time) what would be a good name and he said Raddad cause I was a rad dad so I put 1975 cause the year I was born (dating myself lol)

yo dude --- I have been gaming for a few years across pretty much all platforms. Ps1,2,3,4 / xbx,360,one. Some laptops,nothing fancy.
Always went for a name that suits my 'motherland'(Germany),or what i love the most(Cars).
But then i got on this forum to stay on point for MR while i was really high and drunk and lost all brainpower (facepalm).
Picked "yo dude" and just left it like that. I probably could change it, but who gives. xD

@raddad1975 is cool, i was born 72. same year pong was released. lol

Awesome, 8up You still ride? I still take the bike out of the basement from time to time, it looks awesome ontop of my Jeep 🙂

First when I started gaming I just used my real name, later changed to XliveleSs which was a .dll file for some game.

Later I changed to just BoBo which was a nickname my uncle gave me when I was a kid(Bóbó bjúga it means Bobo the hot dog) and at some point when that nickname was taken I had to pick a new one, couldn't think of anything so I looked around and saw my cigarette pack which is Kent.

My original user name was "Spun In Darkness" which was the name of my band at the time. But after modding Spin Tires for a while it started to conflict with Google searches of my actual band so I shortened it to just "Spun" to try and separate my Spin Tires stuff from the band. Not sure if it worked or not but everyone called me Spun anyways.

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