Hello, I have first spintires and I already ordered MudRunner
I will give just my opinion, maybe will make the game more fun
Please add more quest (missions). Not only deliver from A to B. See the evolution on the map due to my deliveries.
After delivery, receive money to upgrade my truck or buy new ones.
Buy trucks and sell trucks from other players. Game money ...
Improve my garage, sell, buy.
Different loads.
Have my (garage / company) alone or with friends. Add other players to my garage ...
Ranks of player or/and (garage / company)
And please, do not let the game die like the last one. Sorry bad english xD

Pavel, this is unreal or this maybe can be add to the game? Really appreciate the answer

Community Manager

Hi, thanks for your suggestion!

Economy isn't planned for now because we're focused on releasing the best possible game with the announced features for now. Although we're happy to read community feedback and suggestions, it's the grass roots of future content updates.

Have a nice day!

Thank you,
I hope one day 😃

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