Vehicle Presentation: Introducing the E-7310!


MudRunner is the ultimate version of the million-selling indie hit Spintires, releasing on October 31st this year on PC, and for the first time on Xbox One and PS4.

Like Spintires before it, MudRunner will put players in the driver’s seat of a variety of incredible all-terrain vehicles, venturing across extreme Siberian landscapes with only a map and compass as their guides.

In the lead-up to release, we plan on doing a weekly presentation of the iconic vehicles from the game. That means that every Friday, you can expect a blog post describing a vehicle. This will also be a great place to ask questions about the vehicle specifically, how it handles, and the niche it fills.


Vehicle Description

The biggest, most powerful vehicle in the game, the E-7310 won’t let anything stop it. It’ll get places no other vehicles can, no trouble, and get those other vehicles out of it, too.

Game Stats

The E-7310 has a fuel capacity of 800L, and features all-wheel drive, as well as a constantly active differential lock. It can take up to 1000 units of damage. Costing 5 balance points, once unlocked, the E-7310 will be the vehicle you deploy when no other vehicle can cut it in that environment.



The E-7310 is brilliant for crossing hard terrain, and can pull vehicles across powerful currents with no issues.


The E-7310 uses fuel very quickly, and with differential lock always enabled, has trouble driving on asphalt.



The E-7310 is a rescue vehicle, and so carries with it important attachments for getting vehicles out of tough spots.

These are:

  • Fuel Cistern - Carries Fuel
  • Garage Trailer – Trailer that carries 2 Garage Parts
  • Log Carrier – Carries Medium Logs
  • Short Log Trailer – Carries Short Logs
  • Spare Wheel – Can repair self
  • Utility Trailer – Can repair other vehicles

You can pre-order MudRunner now. Owners of Spintires will benefit from an exclusive 50% discount, on top of a 10% discount on all pre-orders.

See you next week for the next vehicle presentation!!

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The C-375 - (ERROR!!!) can field many attachments as you would expect of a workhorse vehicle.

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Thanks! That's been fixed.

Also, you seem not to have uploaded this post... it needs to be on the main page, isn't it? 100 points of damage. Error?

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No rescue towing crane with a bit longer winch. Sad.

Yes, i really miss so many addons for the trucks.

No recovery crane or something? At least this vehicle should have something. It supose to be rescue vehicle after all...

@sodoma I agree, the larger trucks seem to be not so great, they can't do anything but winch other things out and deliver non log related trailers. Kind-of a bummer. We really need a transport trailer addon for heavy equipment or even other trucks/vehicles.

this vehicle can carry missiles 🙂

I think you are wrong 🙂
It is not "can" but "was designed to" 😃

How much space will this game take on the ps4(in gigabytes pls)

@dondy said in Vehicle Presentation: Introducing the E-7130!:

How much space will this game take on the ps4(in gigabytes pls)

Roughly 1 to 1.5gb

May I address a situation I frequently encounter with this E class vehicle.
It says on strengths it "is brilliant for crossing hard terrain" but there is a glitch with this vehicle.
The second row of wheels gets stuck when crossing various "bumps" in the terrain and will simply block the vehicle.
Also the Diff lock doesn't seem to work as expected.
All wheels (that have power if AWD was enabled or not) should move at the same speed but that is not the case.
Different wheels spin at different speeds.
If not for the huge tires that in some cases allow it to be slightly better at crossing challenging terrain, this vehicle is as bad as any of the 6x6 vehicles.
Moreover, with it's huge weight it should crush rocks and boulders and cross through them with ease, and by no means should a rock field pose any difficulty to it. Yet the rocks and boulders will stop it in it's tracks.
Clearly this vehicle is severely bugged.