Mods for consoles?!??

Can you please make mods for consoles aswell as PC. It’s possible, only look at how they do it in Farming Simulator 17!!

This has been discussed over and over again, they are aware of the user interest of console mods and Pavel has made a response regarding the possibility of console mods but not to expect anything within first 6 months of release.

Hopefully they come out sooner then 6 months.
Mods are what has kept Spintires the game it's self alive.
Without mods the game would be completely dead in the water.

I want to create more mods and maps, but i'm not buying the game until mods come to console.

Dont see why it's such a problem for them to incorporate mods into mudrunner on console. They added a mod hub for farming simulator 17 which allowed us to get maps and vehicles.
Mudrunner would die off really quick without the mods, mods are the only thing that kept spintires running for so long whether it was vehicles or maps.

Mods are needed on console

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Guys, search the forum. Topic of consoles and mods is very "popular" and already answered several times.

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Hello, modding is a lot of work to do well on Xbox One and PS4. It requires a constant input from Giants Software, developer of Farming SImulator, to make it work. The first goal of the team at Saber was to bring the Spintires experience to consoles in a new improved version. Releasing the best possible base game is the priority right now.

We hear your requests about mods on consoles and we understand them. They won't be available at release, or even in the short run on PS4 and Xbox One. But we plan to support Spintires: MudRunner in the long run and we'll develop future updates with community feedback in mind, meaning we're studying how we could answer to your suggestions, including this one.

Have a nice day!

Modding on consoles is simply more difficult to manage, therefore modding support will not be part of game at release.

@89cherokeelimit that's the issue people need to buy the game to help fund mods for console that's how most games die is because the company doesn't listen to the customers or they don't have the funding to do what the customers want because they won't buy the game until it's out with w.e. it is they want.

I belive they know without mods there game will not make it on console I mean that what kept it alive on p.c. I think we will get Mods as long as enough people buy the game.

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At least someone understands 🙏💯💯💯😊

Anyone who played the Fallout games understood the hardship of trying to get mods on ps4. We finally did, but it took some strong lobbying and even then we were at the mercy of big old Sony.
They declined many of the texture mods, so it will be interesting to see how this plays out.

hello i really hope you'll add the mods as in farming 17, the game would be so much better with all the vehicles that are on pc thanks

Please we really really need mod support, i beg you!

@rennurdum said in Mods for consoles?!??:

Please we really really need mod support, i beg you!

@all asking for mods!
Ever tryed to create a mod?
Ever asked what you can do to help a modder?
Ever been patience?

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@CheckMyPixel Im not asking for new mods, im not asking anyone to make mods, im simply asking to get the mods that are already available now that pc players can get in the same way FS 2017 does it, im not holding a gun to anyones head demanding mod, im simply stating my opinion for a better game. Mr fan boy With an attitude. Is that ok with you!

If you had a clue what's involved with getting mods onto consoles, and some PATIENCE you wouldn't be in the forums griping about it...
You'd be enjoying the solid features this game ALREADY offers...
If the only reason you bought this game was for mods, maybe you should have waited until the devs and the publisher confirmed availability on consoles...
Once again, PATIENCE people!!
The game's launch was less than a week ago for Pete's sake!!

<sarcasm> My word, you console peasants are awfully demanding, aren't you? </sarcasm>

I'm thinking really hard about deleting from my console I've already completed everything and challenges the whole multi-player on console is completely messed up its like I only have a five second window to choose a lobby to join if not it refreshes and repeates everything but anyways I'll consider downloading it again once mods are available until then I'll go enjoy some other games nothing against anyone I know it takes time to complete such a request but I'll be patient and occupie my time elsewhere 🙂

Look, i just joind this forum and posted a simple polite message, this is what forums are for so the devs can read and interact with its customers and thats what i did. I was not cheeky or abusive or nasty in any way IT WAS A SIMPLE CHEERY MESSAGE to show my support for mods on console. So please get a life and stop trying to start an argument. If nobody asked then how would the devs knw what its customers really wanted? So unless i am being cheeky, abusive, nasty or spamming a thread please try to contain yourself from sounding like a two bit toth please @Mexican_420 @CheckMyPixel

@rennurdum said in Mods for consoles?!??:

@CheckMyPixel Im not asking for new mods, im not asking anyone to make mods, im simply asking to get the mods that are already available now that pc players can get in the same way FS 2017 does it, im not holding a gun to anyones head demanding mod, im simply stating my opinion for a better game. Mr fan boy With an attitude. Is that ok with you!

You spoiled single child do not ask for mods (only for already existing)? It is no more contradictory.

Why are you crying Console "gamers" really looking for mods? Without matching maps, mods are pointless.
(I play the game stock.)
Please show me at all times where mods are touted for consoles.

Why do you put FS and MR equal?
How do you get that?
Were there any mods on the FS after the first week for you idiots?

U consoleros demanding shit is getting old.

@CheckMyPixel Why the presumptuous attitude towards Rennurdum? Rennurdum is the one who is right here; this is a forum and as a buyer/user of the game he has the full right to make clear to the developers he likes to see mods coming to the consoles. If everybody will STOP asking for mods on consoles (because you -a PC player I guess - thinks its enough by now), the devs will not get a proper overview how big the demand for mods on consoles are and if its feasible to make any further plans.

Modders do it all in their free time and are NOT part of the company. (They also receive no salary or other financial support for their work.)
There are no 1000 Chinese in the company who could rewrite the entire game within a week to cry out to you what you already could have had on the PC.

The generation "getting shit for free" has neither patience nor the spirit to be in control of all the work.

Where was it promised that Consoleros would receive mods immediately (or at all)?

Permanently, Consoleros are crying about wanting something but moving their butts to the forum instead of finding their own way or helping modders as where what needs to be rewritten. YOU put the work in the hands of those who have none of it (except that stops to howl) and expects that everything is ready for you immediately.

patience bro freaking patience.

So I'm already bored of game I beat every challenge and single player in 2 days and without mods this game will be dead. I agree with everyone I need mods for xbox one. I just want to haul with my pickup and off road toy and have fun. logging is only fun for certain amount of time and currently it's not.

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