massive fps drops in combat... response please.
  • How about fixing the performance in your game before shipping a broken game as.... 'finished'
    Youtube Video

    Older video but its still going on, months after launch, while your working on the console version. Have we been abandoned?
    Youtube Video

    someone displaying exactly whats going on
    Youtube Video

    Please fix this. Its July now, the game launched at the end of last year... this is ridiculous.
    Considering the last video was recorded on a rig that beats the recommended settings, has drivers upto date, and all that jazz.

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    Hi, sorry to hear that you're experiencing performance issues in Space Hulk: Deathwing. Please stick to your original topic and don't spam the forum.

    Optimization is part of the development of the Enhanced Edition, you can expect an update in the coming months which should hopefully solve your issues.

    In case youy didn't try yet, please contact to make sure the low performances are caused by the game and not an incompatibility.

  • that and one of your employee's or Streumon's employee's said this to me in a forum...

    FCS_Melodie [developer] 24 Feb @ 3:51am
    Hello Sgt Snoke Em,

    I'm very sorry to hear that, despite the beta patch, you stil cannot run the game properly. I've been reading as much feedback on the steam hub as possible and I've seen you posting on every topic looking for a solution and trying everything you can.

    Your rig should definitly grant you the best possible performance out of this game, yet it doesn't... And I see changing your graphic settings doesn't improve your perfs which is more than odd.

    Have you tried unlocking your framerate? Here's how you can do it:

    In the meantime, we'll keep investigating your issue to find a solution.

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    I would hope the problem is getting looked into instead of say, getting ignored because there is a console version which needs to meet a street date.

    Edit: apologies, I did not see the previous post... I will do just that.

    Apologies for the postings, Its just that a certain number of people playing this feel abandoned or pushed aside. We feel like we've paid to enter into a beta test.

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