Come join the North American TTS Federation, a conglomerate of 3 different leagues under the same banner. NATTS is a place for North American to compete at a North American schedule, this means that you need to be available to play during the weeknight from 18:00 to 23:00 EDT. We also offer a mentor/student program where the experienced coaches take a new player and help them, by showing the basics, while helping them improve their game.

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New players have to start playing in "The Pit" before they can move to the other leagues."The pit" using the Swiss tournament system, every time we get 10 new players, we start a new season. Seasons are 10 games long, Pushes are every Sunday, so you need to schedule your weekly game using our forum. "The Pit" is a wild place, offering a bounty system, a 3 star of the week system that grants SPP to the best players every week and a fun place for new players and veteran to get some good blood bowl action.

"The North American TTS League" is the main league, where 40 coaches compete with a fresh team every season, for a 14 games round-robin season, using 2 push a week, so the league move forward every Thursday and Sunday, where the 16 best coaches go in a Playoff KO tournament to be crowned the champion of the NATTS league. Every season, we start with fresh teams.

Weekly coverage of the league, by the BBPN Youtube channel.

Game of the week commented by our fellow 20+ years experience in the blood bowl community veteran coach Da Scum, picking a few game per week with comments on his Youtube channel.

Playoff game cast by the Legendary VGPurist who also do the official Champion league coverage.

"The Continuum" league is a perpetual league where only a team who played a full season in "The North American TTS League" is allowed to join. This league is where your retired team from "The North American TTS League" can compete and keep progressing over multiple seasons. Any coach playing in the Continuum league can only join 1 team per season, any team who compete in "The Continuum" league for a season can come back at any time. So a coach can alternate different teams that have played in "The North American TTS League" over multiple seasons and come back with any of these team between each season.

A coach playing in "The North American TTS League" is allowed to play in "The Pit" and in "The Continuum" league at the same time.

So don't wait any longer and register an account on our forum, then sign up here to get started.