Steam pre-sale question regarding 50% price discount loyalty

I own Spintires.
I see you offer 50% discount for any Spintires game owner
In Steam Mudrunner is on pre purchase sale
When will your 50% price reduction be considered, because I see in my Steam cart the same price their pre-order campaign has, not halved, even though I have the game bought in Steam library

I wiuld like a QUICK answer from game dev representatives on what action I should take to receive that 50% added to the Steam campaign.
Thank you

What's the problem? That's the intended discount. What price do you expect to get?

€29.99 less 50% discount for owing Spintires on Steam and an additional less 5% from a steam promotion (55% off total) = €13.4955 thus rounded down to €13.49

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Hello, the 50% loyalty discount is already working. You should get it if you have the original Spintires on Steam.

@b101uk that is right, 10% preoder $26.99. then take the loyalty discount 50% off that is $13.49. which make it 55% off the origianl price. also you will need to add in any sales tax.

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13 or 14 euro for a completely updated game and fully committed development team is a great deal what ever way you look at it. I really dont understand the somewhat childish mentality of some of the posters here who lack the ability to see the bigger picture. I have the original game and I have already pre-ordered mudrunner for 13-14euro after discount and I could not be happier 🙂

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@netheos will the half off last beyong the day it comes out,some cant afford it right now even with the half off,thank you

I paid like $14.00 for it because I am an owner of the original SpinTires as well.

Hey, will the discount ever expire or it always be possible to use it?

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