Opponent concedes in CCL: Game is treated as a friendly match!


I just had a very frustrating experience in champ ladder:

-My Opponent conceded, cause I stomped him massivly.
-During the phase, when the game ends, but before the "after-game-Screen" appears, there was the massage, that my opponent lost his connection.
-Then the "after-game-Screen" appears with the message, that I lost my connection.
-The message disappeard and I saw the "after-game-Screen" . But it was treated as a friendly match!
-In the record/chronik of my team, the game is not even listed!
(and its not in cabal-TV either...)
So I got no MVPs, no money and I cant even see the match again.
And no SPP from the game itself, which is super-anoying, cause I made a ton.

Ladder: Champ ladder season 10
coach: Madfrog
My team: Avel0rn Avengers
Enemy: dunno the name. Race: Norse
date: 25.10.17
time: around 8:30 UTC

It is possible to get the game back and reward my winnings?

And more important: I hope this does not occur often. Would be horrific if a lot of players got screwd like that.

Please have a look on this.
Thanks in advance and greetings,

Madfrog 😞

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BB2 Champion Ladder Admin Team

I'll take a look at the records to see if it will count at the end of the season, but I can't do winnings etc. If there's a problem with the team that will be down to the devs via @Focus_Guillaume

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