9th win isn't showing up and yet it shows up as being live still

So my 9th game ended as a 2-0, blitzer on turn 16 failed a dodge to end the game, gobblin ref scene with whistle blows and says i'm 2-0 winner.

Instead of going to shot of team cheering it went back to the pitch view how i play and showed all my players as having moved and the blitzer on the ground diced show no av break but that was all.

After a few mins i thought to close game down and it showed quit match or concede as the only otpions so i alt+f4 to close the game down as i was worried it would count as a concede like before when i had a grahpics bug with a different team.

So when i logged back into the game the team shows no 9th game being played, but i check the cabal vision and it shows my game as one of the live games at 2-0 my way. Now when you got to load the replay it tries to load for a min or so and then dumps back to the main menu.

I'm taking a wait and see before playing again as it might change from live to being complete but i don't know what to do, if and what if anything can be done? how do i move forward from this? Any ideas or suggestions would be highly welcome.

I have screen shots of my 8 wins and of the search showing my 9th as being live


BB2 Champion Ladder Admin Team

Hey, I've been away a few days. Going to run a data dump today and I'll see if it's registered.

cool mate, i doubt it will, thanks for the effort

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