[XB1] pre coin toss crash


i experienced a crash the other day -- my game completely froze at the point immediately before the inducements screen (I.E. right after the matchmaking process had completed).

The music stopped playing and the game became completely unresponsive -- I had to manually shut the game using the xbox menu after several minutes of waiting.

I think other people on the platform are experiencing similar issues, I will see if anyone else can corroborate.


Hello, thanks for your report. We'll take a look at situation on our side. Thanks!

(XBox One) This has happened to me twice now, the game starts, then sounds like a stuck record, the game freees and crashes....This is super frustrating as it's a massive blow to the win/loss record. You seriously need to iron out these glitches, otherwise you will lose your loyal userbase, there's plenty of alternative games out there that don't have anywhere near this level of crashes to cope with.

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I'm now on my 3rd concession thanks to game crashes. The game screen went strobe like and stuttered before crashing as I scored while playing my goblin team. NOT GOOD ENOUGH CYANIDE.

This is beyond the joke. It happens mostly in the ccl (or seems to) most of the time my Xbox makes a choking noise, black screen, back to dash. Sometimes it just freezes and takes me back to dash (in game)
It can happen in inducements or during play, its really annoying especially when playing in a league that penalises losses and concedes so heavily.

@bunjemmiejoose - Been there, played 5000+ games, don't miss it one bit 🙂

We miss you there Calcium. You are a meaningful and valued member of this community.
Besides. Where else can you play naf ranked games online?