Marketplace Bug on PS4

I would just like to enquire, please, what if anything is being done to fix the bug affecting the buying of players in the marketplace on the playstation 4? Do we have a timeframe? This is causing serious discontent within a number of leagues I play in, including the MML, which is probably the biggest independent league on the playstation platform, but am aware that other leagues such as Blood and Tears and also NBP are also about to enter their transfer cycles. Naturally when coaches play a season for a number of weeks and have made plans and invested in the opportunity to participate in the marketplace, (for a number this is a signifcant draw to the game,) this is quite disheartening. We would very much welcome as much information as possible to help inform future planning!

Yup guys big issues in long standing leagues!!!
This really needs to be stuck on a priority fix as this severely impacts communities which have been running since the original game broke.
Appreciate you're doing what you can but prioritising this should be of the highest order.
Good luck

Agree with both Jofro and Thunden this is certainly causing a lot of unhappiness and disappointment in the leagues I know of as a key part of the enjoyment for many is the team management/franchise element and the potential to disengage the community is hugh.
Understand that there will be many demands but see this as one that should have a high priority.

Let's be honest, cyanide doesn't have the best track record with fixing bugs that are not game breaking. Heck in bb1 there were a few that made it through all the way to the end. Color me surprised if this is fixed in any reliable time frame. My gut tells me that it will be blamed on something they can't control and we are stuck with it forever.

Really hope they can get this fixed in a reasonable time frame. It's already caused issues for people who have been planning for 2 months or more of what they'd do during our off-season market.

Agreed gentlemen. While this bug isn't necessarily game-breaking it should be made a priority. Markets are a big draw for those of us who play private leagues and to be denied that ability is quite frustrating.

Come on guys. This is a big deal in our league (MML) as I'm sure it is in most leagues. Is anyone going to give us an update as to when we can expect this to be sorted?

This is a significant issue. One of the great features of perpetual league play is the ability to purchase developed players to replace those who met their gloriois end on the astrogranite. Please, please, please get this fixed.

Community Manager

Hello, it's a known issue and we're working on a fix, but it will take time. Don't expect it earlier than a few weeks.

Thanks for the information, Netheos. It is appreciated. As, has been said, a lot of coaches have a lot invested in being able to use the marketplace and therefore whilst I appreciate that it can't be fixed quickly, being able to use it effectively is definately something we will appreciate, as soon as possible.

Second that. Hope it gets sorted soon.

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