After getting addicted to the tech demo, watching the initial release, seeing the insane initial sales then riding the goddamn Oovee BS rollercoaster, I have to say that I am going insane with apprehension at the Mud Runner release. To the community: Thanks for sticking with it. It was pretty crap for the last 12+ months, but it really looks like it's going to pay off.

Modders: You guys are legends. The initial release of SpinTires had a novelty that lasted less than 100 hrs of gameplay. The other 1700+ hours I played was mainly trying out every damn mod that I could find. Especially given Oovee's on/off attitude to modding, you guys kept it real. Epic maps, epic trucks. Can't wait to see what magic is made in upcoming months.

Newbies: Welcome to the saltiest, most persistent gaming community on earth. There are others that are bigger. There are none that are more committed to the game. The BS that went on before Focus saved the day was pretty bad. Look up some videos on Youtube too. I was amazed when I found out that logging in Russia is just like the game. INSANITY!

Pavel: I don't know you at all. If I ever did meet you, I'd like to buy you a drink and toast you. You did it. You bought the kickstarter to life. TWICE!!!

I cannot for the life of me understand why or what draws people to this game. Busted up old trucks struggling to drag their sorry behinds through the mud. The game takes forever to do anything. Usually everything results in tipping the truck. Somehow, you took this concept and made it into a very strange beast. The cameras are awful, but they have to be that way. The offset to one side gives the best view of how the tyres, springs, branches, grass and mud all interact. The mud! Holy crap! I don't know how the hell the programming side works, but there is no human way that even just the mud physics can run so well on a slow PC. Kudos to you for the skill in streamlining the program. The UI too: Simple, even arcade-ish but attached to a genuine simulator. Very cool.

Enough crap dribbling. I now have to go and keep walking in circles for the rest of the week, waiting to see Steam start installing it.

@freefall ---- well spoken there could not have said it in any better way. I am to hyped for the release, it feels like 7ts taking forever. Dear focus thank you for saving this great game. Keep up the good work Mr. Zagrebelny.

Well there is people who LOVE tedious games and they enjoy it like nothing else!
Great thing that we have such developers that also love such thing and makes games for themselves and for us! 🙂

@cosm1c-gam3r --- yes sir... these kind of 'tedious' games are great to mellow out i.m.o. Its fun to play games without having to compete against leaderbords.

Funny, a few months ago I found some videos on the old spin tires and was like wth is this crap? I ended up watch over 2 hours of gameplay watching this dude just crawl through the mud tipping his Lowry every few metres lol.

I was like " this cheap is cool. Boring and simple but cool. If it only came to console.."

Then a few months went by, something popped up on my Facebook feed for this mew game. At first I blew it off but read deaper anyway. And about had a coronary on the spot. Preordered without question as soon as I could.

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