Please add this vehicle.

Lada 4x4 Niva 🙂
In spintires I added it as a mod and it was so cool car to see in mud 🙂

Youtube Video

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Yeah, preferably the older model, with 2106 taillights.

I would really like this vehicle!

alt text

@krd1749 It is not from old era so it not fits. Old trucks and cars are games lore so braking it would suck. Anyway is it some modern russian car or something? Pic quality is rubbish I cannot distinguish car badge. Nah it is way to modern.

they should add helicopter for those pesky fog of war

@cosm1c-gam3r it is a Fiat

@cosm1c-gam3r said in Please add this vehicle.:

Lada 4x4 Niva 🙂
In spintires I added it as a mod and it was so cool car to see in mud 🙂

i think you have answered your question actually. that is why the game can be modded after all.

I am talking about vanilla game.
There is many trucks but why there is only 1 4x4 car to pick from? In 2 variants but still one... UAZ. Why not give at least 3 4x4 cars?! That is what I am talking about. Vanilla. From start not from mods! I would already finish everything in game and I feel like wanting to have freedom of picking 1 out of at least 3 4x4 cars not 1 in 2 variants. It just would be cool that is it.

i think 1 car is enough for stock game, after all if it cant take logs its kinda useless 😃
the UAZ for uncloaking, that is fine but it doesnt need more cars than that.
and actually there is the sedan type car on top, so you have 2 cars in game so far.

leave that to the mod guys to add a million of cars into the game.

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There is a Thread in the modding section for vehicles you want in the game.

@actionjackson So you did not understand at all. I would want alternative for UAZ!
Would be cool to choose recon car so nto only UAZ.

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