Problem with accesing account

When I get to the title screen on the PS4 I hit the X button. It will not load and gives me an error saying, "problem with creating or accessing account". This happened once before and had to delete all my saved data for it to work again. Will this keep happening? Will anyone be fixing this problem? Or should I ask for a refund for the game and all the DLC I bought?

Community Manager

We're aware of the issue and are working on it. Unfortunately, technical issues depend on a variety of variables and settings, and we've not been able to reproduce the issue on our side yet. We're still investigating the issue.

  • What were you doing on your previous session?
  • In whinch screen did you leave the game: post-match of an eternal league? Play in a league screen? main menu?
  • How did you leave: quit the game? launch another game? turn off the console? going into sleep mode?
  • Disk or digital version?

@netheos I was playing in the eternal league solo. When I left I quit the game and then closed application. It is digital.

Focus Team

Can you send me your save files please?

How to transfer a savegame from the PS4 to an USB key:

  1. Plug an USB key (formatted in FAT or exFAT) into the PS4.
  2. Press the PlayStation Button
  3. Select 'Settings' then 'Application Saved Data Management'.
  4. Select 'Saved Data in System Storage'.
  5. Select 'Copy to USB Storage Device'.
  6. Select 'Blood Bowl 2'
  7. Select the savegame then press X.
  8. Choose 'Copy' then press X.

From a PC:

  1. Insert the USB key.
  2. Right click on the folder 'PS4' from the USB key and click 'Send To' then 'Compressed (zipped) folder'.
  3. Send the '' file in attachment to

Thanks a lot!

@focus_guillaume I am sorry I had to delete all my saved files. When it happens again I shall do that. Just a quick question, are there people working on this problem?

Same here. Worked this morning and then the error popped up in the afternoon. Only change was I won a game. I mostly play offline due to the lag I get (I just want to play the game).

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