Name changing tool

Whatever happened to this?

If you are suggesting that it should be possible to change the name of your players after purchasing them (or after they join your team in another way like zombies that have been resurrected by necromancer), I think this is a good suggestion.

Player names are a bit like nicknames and nicknames should be changeable.

For instance, a coach could adapt the names of their players according to the injuries/skills they have accumulated.

Oftimes, people have a certain theme to their names in a team and when they need to hire an ex-journeyman after a game, they might want to give that new addition to the team a theme-matching name as well.

Since the name of a player seems to be a surface-propety of the player anyway and not used for identification (as several players can have the same name), this can't be anything more than a GUI problem, as far as I understand the subject matter.

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