What's the In-Game Story?

I'm doing a review for this game (not due until launch, of course). It's pretty cool so far, but I've been wondering about the history of the game. I don't mean the actual game development history, but rather the in-game story/lore.

I never played the original Spintires, but it appears MudRunner is pretty much set in the same era (Russia in 1980-90) and has the exact same objectives of delivering logs. I noticed that many of the trucks have a dark green/camo-style paint job. After doing some research, I found out that these are actually ex-military vehicles that belonged to the Soviet Red Army. I didn't know before that these vehicles have actually been repurposed for civilian use in real life. Neat!

So, is that's what's happening in Spintires? Is it just a regular logging company, basically? What really threw me off is that the driver in Mudrunner is wearing camo pants. I know camo is just a fashion statement for some, so it made me wonder if it's just a casual outfit or if he's supposed to be an ex-soldier perhaps.

well there is no story to really speak of, so it is really just whatever story you want to make out of it. now with some mod maps the author/creators will add a story for their map in the description to give a bit more depth and backstory.

what i wrote on steam forums 😛

[quote]dont overdo it mate, dont need a story where there is none. the game has no story. you are to grab a truck, put weight on it(in this case its wood) and drive it to the objective.
there is no more story than that.

every player makes up his own story in his mind, its like reading a book, you need some imagination for that. ST is kinda the same.
on my 2 maps i made i tried to provide some sort of story to the player so he may immerse himself in it if he so choose.

you see spintires is no "game" in the classic meaning. its like a "sandbox" if you dont enjoy playing wtih the sand(trucks with weight/offroad terrain) you have no fun in the sandbox. simple as that. that why many ppl cry this game is boring, cause they dont have fun playing with the sand provided in the sandbox.

another thing, you have a review version of the game? or how you wana put out a review at launch with meaningfull amount of playtime?[/quote]

the narrative is simple, you are a driver in the russian wilderness trying to make a living. you howevr cannot "fantasize" encounters, which is why it's good to have random events like a driver has fallen into a ditch and you must help him.