Xbox One X enhanced...

Hi, will SHDW be 'X1X Enhanced' ?

Keep up the great work!

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Ps. Maybe have an on/off option to speed up the tyrannids' running/attack speed for a tougher and potentially more melee heavy gameplay option. ☠️ I've only watched gameplay so I dunno if this would work in practice. Plus permadeath is always cool. ☠️ Cheers.

Believe me, you won't need the genestealers to be enhanced to get your butt handed to you. All it takes is turning up the difficulty level. At the higher levels it gets downright sadistic.

...which is awesome.

As for enhanced for X, it'll probably be a graphics bump from the bog standard console flavor.

Cool! Can't wait to play this 😉 . Just unsure whether to buy for my base ps4 or X1X when I get it. Or both!

Maybe: Running on/off mode . Limited ammo mode - a number of magazines refilled at psygate after passing objective . Etc. I think a mode options list will enrich this games longevity. Then again I haven't played the game yet.

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Maybe, Major Relics could be like 'trinkets' in Vermintide. They could be unlocked or their powers learnt at certain levels whilst levelling up in multiplayer. Thus u search for them in single player campaign, but they become useful for multiplayer. Obviously giving little buffs and modifiers etc. Maybe a couple of relics per class. Then again this may not be feasible. People may prefer purity seals n small objects as 'trinkets'.

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New ship Ideas: (I've refrained from looking at playthroughs past chapter 2 to not spoil the game, so I wouldn't know if this is in the game already), but a pitch black or dead ship in complete darkness except what ur flashlights reveal could be fun. A thousand malevolent eyes in the darkness.
Existing maps could hav a 'night mode' as it were.
Maybe things could be affected by the cold such as plasma batteries are cut to half, slower to recharge, guns jam more often etc. Blip sensor could break down.
Also, a Dark Eldar ship could have heavy internal security systems, traps, laser beam security, force fields etc. Then again this might not work for the nids either so could be impractical.

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