PS4 Double Vampire Bug

In my most recent game on PS4 Blood Bowl 2. I encountered a game crashing bug when blitzing a ball carrier with dump off after I had failed my bloodlust roll. When my opponent used dump off my vampire ended his blitz action, and there was no thrall for him to bite. He went into the stands before I was able to finish my action, and when my opponent selected the player he wished to use dump off to pass to our games crashed simultaneously and did not count the game as being played. We both had one player level and I killed a level 5 catcher.
Teams were The Belmont Clan (Me) vs Archandroids (S-C-Wyatt) on PS4 in the MML.

Focus Team

Hello, I managed to reproduce this issue on my side.
It seems the interaction between Dump-Off and Blood Lust is badly implemented.

Reported to the dev, thanks! 🙂

Is this bug only on PS4 or is it also present on the PC and/or XBOX versions? Thanks.

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