Tackle Injury Yields No SPP

If you tackle someone and they get injured, your player should get SPP for doing so.

Same thing for crowd surfing, if you push the player out of bounds and they get injured, the player that did the pushing, cause and effect, should get SPP.

Currently not working on Xbox 1 version.

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If by tackling you mean having a dodging player fall down then no, you should not get SPP. Who should get those anyway when there are several players eligible? For surfing you likewise do not get SPP. After all, it is the crowd causing the injury and you do'nt even get to break armour.
So it definitely is'nt a bug, it reflects the rules as intended.

BB2 Champion Ladder Admin Team

If you block someone and injure them you get SPP for it.

If by "tackle" you mean "use the tackle skill such that they fail a dodge" then you don't get SPP for that. Same for crowdsurfs: the crowd caused the injury, not you.

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