spintires Plus for mudrunner

is the MODDER that Made Spintires Plus going to Mod it for Mudrunner???

According to what I read he said he had no interest in Mudrunner, would not be purchasing it and did not want it. I seriously doubt we will get it from him. But someone with the same skill set may come up with one instead, with any luck. I can do Visual Basic but not done anything else of any magnitude or set Plugins. I think the core game values remain the same but may have changed names/locations anyway.

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@rieder_mudrunner Coding has more than likely changed, so it won't work. At least I wouldn't plan on it working.

yet i think we all know it is most likely someone will either make a new one or get the permission from Localhost to adapt his mod for the new version. just a bit of time is needed imo.

why does my console state i can play the game tonight monday at 5:00pm?

Why are you asking questions in the wrong thread?

@thecracker52 most likely because that is what time it will be when it gets released where you are at. like for me i live in CST timezone in the U.S. so i will have the game at 6:00pm which will be 12:00am CET that is the timezone used for the release time worldwide.

this is actually the correct place to ask this question..the Modding part of the forum is for Modders..this is the right place for a user as myself to ask this question...

I am in USA in EST and I am already playing the game..I thought they said the 31st at midnight..everything make the truck act differently..alot more realistic than the first game and the graphics are much better too..

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