Servers down?

Just got disconnected from a champ ladder game and now can't reconnect. Getting the servers are inaccessible message when I restart the game.

Are there any issues?

I'm getting the same exact issue.

Servers seem to be back up, however it made me concede the match. If this was a server issue and not my connection issue, is there any way to erase that loss or something? I was able to connect to other websites while I was getting this issue, so my connection to the internet wasn't an issue. My match ID was 10003AFC4D.

I wouldn't hold your breath, I got short shrift when LE came out and there were game crashes that caused me to concede.

I'll also be eating a concede loss due to this issue.

The same happened to me. I got disconnected during pre-match. No 5-minute timer. Very sad, as I was about to get 300TV advantage 😞

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