Necromunda: Underhive Wars - Official Announcement

im excited about this game, is it still in development?

Same question here ? Looking after this game as the next Mordheim ; but havn't heard or seen anything since a long time a go....

Is this game lost in the Warp ? Still under developpement ? Official web page says coming 2019 ...But nothing has been shown atm.

To quote a 2 year old post; "So ... does this game still exist or ..."

It's 2 years on since we were told "Sure! The team is busy working on the game." Maybe they are so busy, they missed the published deadline? Either way, the official page says it's "coming in 2019" and here we are, 2.5 months into 2020. So ... does this game still exist or ... ?

Lol I see they didn't reply to you, but took 2020 off their website. This is a complete joke now. Kind of sad.