Release time.

Why my steam shows that game will be unlocked in about 21 hours? I live in central Europe and 0:00 31st will be 3,5 hours from now.
31st is up to 23:59 so it cannot be tomorrow.
Or I am not understanding something or there is some mistake somewhere.

As for now it makes no sense. 21 hours is at about 16:00 31st
WTF? 🙂

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It says "few hours" So I think it is steam related inconsistency.

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Spintires: MudRunner releases on Steam at midnight CET (in approximately 3h20).

It was a display issue on the STeam page, it's now fixed.

Ok good to know but at this point it still says 20 hours to go 🙂
I am just worried that many people may think that this is really 20 hours and they will miss first minutes of the release because they will go to sleep 🙂

Does anyone know the release time for xbox one pre orders? Preferably EST??

I see on steam that it was fixed 🙂 It shows one hour left 😉

I'm now going to make last achievement is Spintires which is easy Volcano on hardcore with another achievement which is use steering wheel with clutch 😃 Then I will swap into Mudrunner and start right off on hardcore mode with my G29
Funny is that I played 99% of the time on DS4 gamepad but when I tried playing on the steering wheel it was amazing experience and now I will only play on steering wheel 😃

Anyway 1 hour left!!!! YEAH!!!!


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I have most of the co-op related achievements left, like completing all the maps or refueling other players. Also Plumber and Rise of Machines. Nothing actually hard, just time consuming.

All done. 57/57 achievement complet 🙂
Ready for Mudrunner! 😃
I hope there will be more achievements to do 😉

@sorcerer All you need is one player in MP to get them all. Damage and refuel related can be fast to make. One of players need to hit wall and you just repair him xD I did that with help of Spintire friends that I played with 🙂

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