[PC] Mod Creation in MudRunner

Hi everyone,

Only a few minutes before MudRunner's release! (Find the release time in your region here.)

The Steam Workshop will open at the release of the game, please find below a quick recap of its features for release, as well as a short guide to use the mod editor!

Also note that you can find a complete guide about Modding in MudRunner by clicking here.

Modding Editor Features

  • The editor can create and upload vehicle mods.
  • The editor can convert the original Spintires vehicle mods and maps into MudRunner mods.
  • The editor can view meshes and vehicles.
  • The editor can create and edit maps but user maps are not fully supported by the game yet. Modded maps can be used the same way as in the original Spintires for now. New tools and better map implementation is on our to-do list for a post-launch update.
  • 2 sample mods.
  • 1 sample map. (As explained above, you can start creating maps before their official support)
  • An in-house 3dsmax plugin for distribution.

How to use the Editor tool

  • The tool AppID name is: “Mudrunner – Editor Beta”. It's available in Steam library > Tools


  • When launching the Editor, you can view/edit/convert/upload the mods on the Steam workshop.


  • Mods are visible in the Workshop:


  • If you want to get the mod, click on Subscribe and Steam downloads it.


  • When you create a solo or multiplayer game, you have a manage mods button.

  • There you can see your mods and launch the game. For multiplayer games, if you join a party with a mod you don’t have, the game will ask you to automatically download it.


Known Issues related to Mods

Make sure to do a back-up save of all your mods in a folder separated from the Steam folder before using the Editor.

Please note the following known issues related to mods (will be fixed as soon as possible in a post-release update):

  • Some mods can make the game crash on startup.
  • When the game is running, if the mod is updated (and re-downloaded), it wont work properly.
  • When playing in multiplayer, players can add add-ons from mods that are not installed by other players (may result in game crash).

Have fun,
The MudRunner Team

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Thanks Netheos. I thought it was tomorrow. I'm installing it now.

Хотелось бы видеть мануал на русском к редактору...
Хотя уже понятны основные моменты.

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@tattoo Are you going to create your Gearbox again?

@checkmypixel, I checked it out already and should be doable.


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@tattoo Is it fliped over? xD

Still gorgeous cuase its not that bulky.

When you open the .mdmp file, it shows "0xC0000005, The thread tried to read from or write to a virtual address for which it does not have the appropriate access"? EVERY crashdump file I've opened so far from Mudrunner has given me this exact same exception code...
Same thing here playing solo with modded trucks and map. My game will still usually hitch a bit at 20:30 when the gameclock "officially" switches from day to night, but I don't consistently get the graphical anomalies like your video showed...
I was getting that same graphical corruption at various points while playing with modded trucks from Banks, Nix, DCMT while attempting to run Blackwater Canyon which is a pretty complex map (250MB+) with custom objects and textures...

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I'd like to know why the Mudrunner and the Spintires editor are tied together?

I went and tried to make a map for Spintires and the editor had all kinds of errors and I couldn't figure out why. I checked the settings and they were changed to the Mudrunner folders and I never changed that. So obviously it was changed from the new Mudrunner editor.

So why is this like this when they are 2 different games and editors, supposedly? So now every time I want to use one or the other, I have to keep changing the setting for which game I'm editing for.

I also noticed that each editor uses the same cache folder when each game itself has it's own cache folder. Why would that be when they are 2 different editors for 2 different games. This is ridiculous. Is Pavel trying to hinder the old game because it sure seems that way. Just because I bought this new game doesn't mean that I shouldn't be able to use the old game just because there's a new game out. This needs to be changed. I should not have to jump thru hoops just because there was a new game released. The old game should not be hindered in any way shape or form. I paid money for both and expect to be able to use both.

Please fix this ASAP.

Thank you

Lazy coding, recycled apps...
Sounds familiar around here... 😕

@mexican_420 said in [PC] Mod Creation in Spintires: MudRunner:

Lazy coding, recycled apps...
Sounds familiar around here... 😕

Yeah man

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I know this topic is old and all but still I have to ask this. What if you purchased the game off Microsoft store or windows store, not steam?? How would you get the mods then??