Texture mods?

Are texture mods supported on steam workshop?
i.e. replacing textures of things in the game that are not a truck.

If yes, how would I go about adding it to the workshop?
I have manually replaced files in my TextureCache.zip and its great.

if u cant get them on steam am sure people here would appreciate them

Yea. If there IS a way I'm 99% sure someone will grab it and do it under their name. Hence the hesitation.

@dethbringa i do not blame you there. i have lost track of how many mods i have seen released on other sites that belong to other people or they get changed and posted for release without the original authors permission. i know there is no "copyright" claims here, but still very uncool and lame thing to do.

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Yea, I could see someone stealing it, uploading it to workshop and telling everyone I copied them.

Guess I'll share it here first for you guys.

I only ask for credit if you share it and to also be informed if its posted elsewhere please.


Install is simple:

  • Download file

  • Drag and drop onto "TextureCache.zip" found in the main folder (To find this folder easily right click Spintires: MudRunner in steam, click properties, click LOCAL FILES, click BROWSE LOCAL FILES"

Note this texture will most probably NOT work with original spintires as the texture wrap was done differently (I made a different one for that which didn't work for MudRunner).

If this is not allowed to be posted here please delete this post rather than the thread, thanks.

man thats amazing great work . any others you have done ?

Thanks, was going to have a look through some things today and might look at some others maybe.

Amazing. Well done and I hope you keep working on something 😃

Called it

I came back to up my compass retexture I been working on all day and thought I'd check the steam forums. (just gotta change NSEW font and make a folder for textures). I should be adding it here soon for you guys.

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ok guys heres the new texture folder. I'll add new ones in there as it grows.

gui_compass__d_a.dds is the compass background
gui_compass_arrow__d_a is the pointer.


Yeah I noticed mudrunnermods website basically just copies over everything posted here. Saw my tips for changing the fog was copied over there. Although they did at least list the source at the bottom.

@dethbringa Your winch line looks great. Way better than the plain grey. Thanks.

@dethbringa Do your texture mods work with multiplayer?


I can confirm it works in Multiplayer, along with the dashboard mod & mud textures on wheels.

If it is possible to add such nice texture to winch line then... HOW THE FLYING ^$%**@#@ devs did not do that?!
It is beyond my comprehension!

If it is legit and not some fake to fool us like photoshoped then I am just amazed. It looks great!


Because truthfully, We play this game, we know what we like. They know what "makes" a better game.

Come on anyone know that untextured object is bad.

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