Horrible Camera, but still a great game

The Game works fine for me on Xbox so far. No bugs, no glitches, nothing. Well, never experienced that in a game on day one, but... The Camera is just ridiculous. I thought it may have changed through development because it was the same Problem for many People in the original Game. It's kinda game breaking, at least for me. Can't even load a truck properly with logs because I can't get the camera angle right 😃 (Always playing on Hardcore)
However, I don't really think that this may change sometime soon, so a big minus for that on my side. But besides that, I don't want to spread to much negativity, it is a fantastic game and I'm happy that it finally found it's way to consoles! 😃

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Hi there. I am playing on ps4 pro. Game run smoothly no bugs or glitches so far like you said. Unfortunately I must agree with you that the camera work is really anoying. I just can't get the proper angle. I hope it will get fix
Also I could not connect to MP.

I was going to create a new post but I will use yours.

I fight the camera more than I fight the mud.

Me and my friends are loving the game but the camera problems are ridiculous and infuriating, any feedback from the devs is appreciated.

Other than that great game!

I agree with everyone about the camera; H O R R I B L E & R I D I C U L O U S...
Besides that and the -disappointing- NO support for FF wheel-setup on consoles (for now) - beautiful off road sim...

It's not like that the whole camera movement is bad, i mean things like switching with the d-pad to the front of your truck or the back of the trailer and looking over the roof when you press the right stick up so you can see how deep an puddle is for example, are pretty helpfull sometimes. But this ultra weird swinging from left to right when you try to positioning the camera is really annoying. I don't know how to explain that better.. a orbital camera movement plus an option to switch between the old and the new camera would solve many things, i guess. Don't know how you guys think about that.

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