Camera is a nightmare - maybe add orbital camera option

The camera is even worse than in the old Spintires. Look at Steam people complaining. I do not understand why there is no simple orbital cam that keeps your trucks always on screen center. I mean an optional mode, not replacing the current camera. A simple orbital cam would be a downgraded version of the camera right now, which shovels your truck from screen corner to screen corner and never shows it in full at the screen center. This is terrible camera work.

Like this one here from World of Tanks, where you also go offroad! It works, and in cases where it does not work in Mudrunner, you could use the default cam. Something in this direction which keeps your trucks/tanks in the screen center and you actually see it in full and can enjoy watching it. I never really see my truck in full in Mudrunner but always hidden in some corner.
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Please FH and Saber, talk to your vision holder why such a downgraded camera option is not included. This is historically one of the biggest letdowns in the game. Back in the days Oovee just did not care and Pavel refused to include such a mode for reasons that are beyond me. I am only suggesting this as an option so people could choose.

i agree with the camera. i can handle it, it was ok in spintires with Plus, which put more zoom in it. I think that's all it needs, more zoom out.

@calin-florea have noticed that people are still complaining about the cam, but more zoom is the one thing they all have mentioned the most.

other than that some people are wanting a more traditional type cam, which i think would not be so good imo, but it is just my opinion. right now the cam zoom is a bit too close and you can not see the other side of the truck and terrain there. personally i think they should just add a feature which will switch you to the other side of the vehicle. spintires plus did this very nicely with just adding the use of the shift key. which for me was very useful since i drive with force accel (cruise control) and i do not have use of the camera to move it since i am using the mouse for my throttle control.

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I honestly do not get it why it is so difficult to have optional 3rd person cameras for toogling into. You press C-key and go from the current cam to the orbital cam. C--Key again and go from orbital to whatever.

Nobody wants to replace the current cam. That's never what people ask for. They ask for mor camera options, so another one on top of the current cam. I do not get it! I simply do not get why even the devs want to fully replace it like they said on reddit. What's the point in doing so?

I'd agree the camera angles are tough, but they are manageable. I'm feeling the like map navigation controls are what really needs the help lol
Great game, can't wait to explore more.

I do not want to repeat what has been said many times, I want it to be constructive criticism 🙂
My humble opinion:

  • The original camera is interesting and useful, but I think it worked better in the old game.
  • I suggest adding extra cameras to choose from: one behaving like in the game, the other like in GTA 4.

@offroadking52 said in Camera is a nightmare - maybe add orbital camera option:


Thank you, kind sir!

Another inspiration below! A camera where your see you vehicle in the screen center and not half hidden in some screen corner while the sceen center focuses on some patch on grass. Oh, the miracle! It exists! It is an orbital camera! Too difficult to ramp down the existing Spintires camera to this and add as an optional camera. Impossible to do...
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