Better dashboard

awesome works great many thanks

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I like it too. Thanks.

some trucks the needles dont work and some trucks i cannot see the dash at all .. also the dash canot be seen on screenshots ?

I liked it, thought of making my own.. but the image gets all out of whack when I save it in dxtbmp.. any advice?

Sorry for double posting, really want some answers

@flashback said in Better dashboard:

but the image gets all out of whack when I save it in dxtbmp

I've used dxtbmp before and had the same problem. I stopped using it and don't have that problem any more. Why are you using dxtbmp? Is it to read the .dds file? If so, try IrfanView instead. It works better.

I've used DXT bmp for ages for other DDS files.
Thanks, I'll give that a try 🙂

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Old Trucks and Cars....Classic added...Good Work...THX 😉

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Two new versions added. Classic v2 and Racing.

@stellyan Damn classic v2 looks amazing !
Thank you 🙂

The classic works like a charm . I just tried version 2 classic and some of the needles dont show up . I was using the Kraz255 .
Dont worry its just mudrunner being spintires . Everytime i load the game sometimes all the gauge needles are there . Other times some are missing .

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Thanks looking good I moved the dash down lower and now the uaz is nice drive

I feel really daft asking this because I actually work with computers, but how do I add the file to Should Windows just let me drop it in?

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