My thoughts so far (hardcore player)
  1. The steering is not analog with a controller anymore and it's super slow, makes it very undrive-able, but i guess after a few hours one could get used to it, tho it makes everything much much slower to do.

  2. The crane controls have changed/reversed, wich i guess again, one can get used to it, but why not have an option to use the old controls, not that hard to do i'm sure.

  3. The headlights are still kinda useless at night, the game still adjusts for under-exposure by itself, so the lights most of the time make you more blind in the dark

  4. No battery operated winches which is unrealistic, but whatever, i can let that one slide a bit (spintires plus was fantastic for that)

  5. For now, i cannot seem to find a way to use maps mods in multiplayer, you cannot do that for now . VERY BIG DEAL. Basically the only deal-breaker for it.

  6. Cameras are the same, not enough zoom out for outside camera (spintires plus was fantastic for that)

  7. Cockpit cam is useless without working mirrors.

  8. Controller binds customization would be great

  9. AGAIN, cannot stress this enough, YOU CANNOT PLAY CUSTOM MAPS IN MULTIPLAYER YET...hopefully that would change, if not, it's gone. I don't see any way of "legally" doing it tho. Come on smart people, get on this 🙂

Custom maps for multiplayer is the only reason I bought the new version too. I do like the small changes to the old maps and the cockpit view is nice to have (would love mirrors too so it could be used 24/7). But otherwise I don't see a reason to buy this vs. the old one.

@husa said in My thoughts so far (hardcore player):

t see a reason to buy this vs. the old

im guessing that will be fixed, should be at least, otherwise what's the point 🙂

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