Xbox One Legendary - Eternal League - No match scheduled yet.

I've created 3 teams now, play through Autumn and Winter leagues fine. Get to Blood Bowl qualifiers in Spring and then I get the "No match is scheduled yet. The competition is waiting for registrations to be processed by those in charge." message.

Deleting replays does not fix - I deleted my first two teams before logging on here and noticing it was 'a known issue' - so I started a 3rd in the hope that deleting replays would fix. Unfortunately it hasn't.

I wonder - the first league you play, when it sets all the teams up, it takes a good while processing. For me, it didn't do any of that in the second, Winter league - I just went straight into the league against essentially teams with a TV of 1000 or so.

However - when joining the Blood Bowl qualifiers it recalculated everything and made the opposition relative to my TV (which was around 2000).

Is it this extra calculating? Adding skills to 128 opposition teams or however many that somehow breaks it?

Either way, I'm stuck. 3 separate mixed teams on Xbox One Legendary Edition. Deleting my replays doesn't help.

It's such a shame as I have no interest in playing online / multiplayer, the game is unplayable for me until this is fixed.

Any update on progress to resolving this?

Nothing? This is a broken £30 quid expansion for me. I literally can’t play the game I’ve bought. How high a priority is this? I’ll be complaining to Microsoft and wanting a store refund soon as it stands the game isn’t fit for purpose.

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Hi, sorry to read that you encounter this bug. We worked on this issue and released a first hotfix fixing some of its occurence. When did you create your Eternal League? It might be before the update.

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If you read my posts I’ve created 3 teams with 3 separately broken leagues. I only bought the game 2 weeks ago. Last league was created last weekend.

When did the hotfix come out?

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There should be 50 teams in the Blood Bowl qualifiers, how many teams there are when you inspect the competition detail?

i have this exact issue. i last checked 2 days ago. the issue is not fixed either in the eternal league or solo tournaments.

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What competition did you play in Winter?
How far did you go into it? Winning every matches?

@focus_guillaume I did the winter league this time. Won every game, yes. This team is 14-0. 7 wins in autumn and winter leagues.

Previous team did the chaos cup and won everything too..

Ok having a look into the league - looking at the stats for the NAF Winter Championship I won 7-0 before starting the BB qualifiers - the game thinks it’s still running? On day 6-7. I’ve only played 5 games according to the league history... but in my team history I can see 14 games which is correct.

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Did you use the "save & quit" feature sometimes during the competition?

Yes, I believe I did during the Winter league. Late night, should have gone to bed etc - saved vs a vampire team if I recall around half time or so.

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Thanks for your answers, I have some more questions:

Did you sometimes use the "instant on" feature to put the X1 on hold while in the game?
Have you already notice a crash or a freeze at some point before the issue appears?
How many profile do you have on your console? do you sometimes play in offline mode?
Do you have multiple "active" eternal/solo leagues or did you play only one league until you're stuck?
Do you own every DLC races?

I know the situation is frustrating and I can't apologize enough, the BB2 development slowed down a bit but the top priority is the consoles specific issues currently.

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Happy to provide more information where I can! Answers to your questions below.

  • I do use instant on, yes.

  • I haven’t had a crash with my current team, but with my first team I definitely had a crash on the last turn of a game that returned me to the dashboard.

  • 3 profiles on my console, never play offline. Always online.

  • Only ever play one game/league/team at a time.

  • I do have every one of the DLC races yes.

If this bug is fixed I’ll be extremely happy. Development is one thing and I appreciate focus may be elsewhere but support and maintenance is another. Especially on a recently released version.

Let me know if there’s anything else I can provide!

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Hello, I have a last question, did you always notice the "No match scheduled yet." directly after joining the BB Qualifiers competition or once you start the game again?

I can't remember on the previous leagues - but on this last one, I played a few turns in the first match of the qualifiers and then save and quit - as I ran out of time to carry on playing. When I came back later to play the league was 'empty' and No match was scheduled.

I have this exact same problem. Has happened with four different teams I've played. Really frustrating so hope this gets fixed as I loved the DLC and the extra teams.

Started a new team, played one game. Won the game. Turned off the xbox, came back, and loaded it up for another game...."League not found". Urgh.

Is there something I'm doing wrong or not seeing with the expansion?

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Hello @Burton-C-Bogan , how many active solo/eternal league do you have currently?
We're working on this issue and it seems to be linked to too big save file.

I have the same issue, it is with the first and only team I created and in the first and only league I am/was in, I was 15-16 games in and in the first round of the blood bowl cup (not qualifiers), I’m glad to hear your working on this as in its current state the ironically named eternal league is unplayable, I love the random nature of this game but I think you guys have taken it a little far even for me this time
Xbox one, Legendary edition, digital copy.

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