So... the lack of multiplayer light visibility is a major problem and yes, i have read the faq and i know that it's an hardcore graphic engine problem.
the lack of visibility by night is awesome, but it would be nice if some workaround could help solve this visibility problem.

A few suggestion :

  • a search light (or just some bigger badass light) attachment, still wouldn't be visible in multiplayer but it could at least provide better light for a convoy leader to look for a path.
  • What about being able to drop some kind of road/emergency/rescue flare on the ground ? perhaps if it's not something attached to a vehicle the engine can make it works in multiplayer ?
  • It's cheating the graphic engine but : a deployable light pole (eg : on the C255 with utility attachment) that cheat the "time of day / environment light" of the graphic engine to make the night slightly brighter (eg : morning/evening setting) when you get close to it. It will probably be horribly bad but maybe, as a developper, you can think of something using this suggestion since you know the graphic engine better than i do.

thx ❤