Rejoining a running game lobby

When trying to rejoin a lobby in which the game is already running, at first it says "unable to sync save file" and after that, on every try, it gives a message "server using a different version of the map - The Bog...". It keeps giving the message even after verifying files in steam.

Is there a fix for it or is it game sided?

Focus Team

Hello Juku,

Can you try this handling please?

  1. Right click on 'Spintires: MudRunner' and click 'Properties'.
  2. Click the tab 'LOCAL FILES' then click the button 'BROWSE LOCAL FILES...'.
  3. Delete the file '' and close the window.
  4. Click the button 'VERIFY INTEGRITY OF GAME FILES...'.
  5. Steam will redownload the file ''.
  6. Once done, run the game and test.
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none of that works i can guarantee that !

its all over steam same problems please devs get a fix out asap

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Hahhaha look like the devs dont give a fuck. Big surprise. Game is released for 50bucks and its fucking garbage. Good job devs you fucking blow.

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