MUD RUNNER ALARM: If joystic is touched - controlling game menu becomes CRAZY

I've tryed diferent joysticks and have the same result - when I've selected control to Wheel game menu cursor is jumping around the game interface screen when I'm trying to use my mouse to point the cursor. I've tryed in SpinTires - all ok. I've tryed in Mud Runner again - again it's totally unplayable.

So you have implemented some kind of game menu controlling by joystick. If joystick have noise in axis or it have switch which is two buttons and one of them allways pressed - this RUINING the game. How to fix this? How to turn this menu controlling by joystick? SpinTires have hadn't such problems...

Game totaly unplayable with this problem.

Youtube Video

This is yet another report of the pointer becoming unstable and random due to some kind of controller/driver issue. In my case I can regain control by pressing down the G27 throttle pedal. I almost always have to do this to use the advanced menus. These issues need to be consolidated into one thread ( and fixed ASAP please!).

Have the same steering wheel is interfering with my mouse and vice versa. 😕

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