Long range fouling


I searched the forum (and the old one) but could not find the answer to my question, so here it is.

I just played a game where my opponent used what is quite obviously a bug: on turn 7, he was in position to score; he positioned several players around one of my players who was down and stunned, moved his werewolf in the scoring zone but then moved him next to my stunned player and fouled him. So he fouled my guy after scoring a TD (as soon as he crosses the TD line, he is supposed to score and the play should end).

This is clearly a bug. Is it known? And is it allowed? Should I report it? Should I report the playe for using it? It was in the champion ladder league. I thought it was a very cheap move.

Thanks in advance.

It's a known issue. It's currently allowed in the Champion Ladder because we can't police it properly. It will be fixed with the release of the Legendary Edition.

Currently considered as a "house rule". So make the most of it as no one stops you to do the same. Beside even if you roll a double you do not get ejected