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I noticed that Media file is in zim format and I can look into that. I was wondering is it possible to change music and place our own files and pack it into zip file again or game will not run becasue of file rewriting? I tried to have unpacked folder of Media with custom music named as original track but game ignores this folder 😕 It is a shame.

If you want to run the game with zip files unpacked, you have to go into the "config" in the mudrunner main folder and remove .zip from the folders you wish to run unzipped.

So far seems to be working no problem without the zip. Only time I ran into an issue was opening mod maker to import the media files it searches for the zip folder.

Game don't see this as cheat? And stop achievements?

Anyway I did it to test and it seems working. I edited config file and deleted ".zip" part and left only "media" then unpacked media zip and put my own music files with exact name as those that I deleted and changed .mp3 to .wav and tested it in windows if it is still valid file then run game and no intro music at all 😕 I changed all 3 intro files to my own. I did something wrong?

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Just editigng the Name from MP3 to wav will not work cause its still a diff. file due to the compression. Tryed to convert the file in to wav?

🙂 Ok windows fooled me. I thought that is enough to change file format by changing its extension xD
Yes I understand that it needs to be converted. I will try it. I have somewhere program fr converting files but damn that game is picky as for file formats. Hmm ok it was coded to use wav files so I will have to give it to this game in format it can understand. Will try that soon.

I did that! It works! Thanx for pointing me on the right direction 🙂

What I did was made in config copy line of but without .zip of course and important thing is to add it above
Then in Media folder I just added my sounds and music and converted it to .wav in proper audio software and everything works from intro music, achievement unlocks, closing by to objective music with objective completion music and end map music.
Oh BTW I already give a hint but I confirm that it is not breaking achievements!

Awesome!!! 🙂
Again thanx for help 🙂

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No Problemo ^^

And there is a reason it dose not break the Achievements. (Your files are part of the original game now but after a Update you may have to do it again)
You can also run Steam ModVehicles and get Achievements. (Just watch the Balance Points)

Have Fun and Mud

Yes you can create your own custom files, as long as you have an unpacked media to run your game from. I created some for myself and made sure to trail off the music after a certain amount of time otherwise it would continue playing the music until the WAV was done.

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