Console bugs

Both confirmed on both systems PS4 and XBOX One. I play on both systems.


  1. Headlights not showing up when on. Only on other vehicles that other players are driving.
  2. Engine sounds not playing. Only on other vehicles that other players are driving.
  3. Should allow multiple people to allow you to winch. Would be nice to allow multiple people to pull you out verses just one. Not sure if really a glitch but if this is an easy feature to enable. Please do so.
  4. When you highlight Hardcore mode in multiplayer the casual info pops up. Also no description of what is enabled/disabled in hardcore mode.
  5. I'd reccomend adding horsepower and torque info along with drivetrain info on the vehicle selection page. This will help tremendously when selecting vehicles to load out on a fresh start on the map.

Otherwise solid release. I hope there will be more content added. Along with console modding. đŸ€žđŸ»

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#3 would make the game to easy, and I have not experienced any of those bugs personally on ps4

@proper 1 and 2 aint bugs, its the way the game is. Same with 3 i suppose.

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The steering wheel on theBlue off road Ural has a spike sticking thru the outter ring.

I hope this is the right place to post this...

6.Wobbly K700 when winching in "drive mode" - Hook up the K700 behind a truck and trailer and set the winch to drive. K700 does a constant little dance... (on PS4)

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