[SOLVED] Game makes my graphics card unstable after i close it

I'm using a 660M with the newest drivers, and the game works perfectly, but once i close it, if i don't immediately restart my compuer, any application that uses my graphics hardware (chrome, discord (any other electron process) becomes extremely unstable, and causes my graphics system to crash (luckily windows can recover from this.) but it takes almost an hour to fully crash and all the time through that it micro-crashes many times, causing various applications to hang for extremely long periods of time and causing general system instability.

(i am not allowed to post my .nfo file as requested, the forum blocks me)

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This issue is under investigation by the Spintires: MudRunner QA team and the game developer.
Meanwhile, please run the game in Windowed mode (SETTINGS > EXIT FULLSCREEN MODE).

You can upload your files on Wetransfer for example https://wetransfer.com/ then provide the download link.

alright, if its OK to upload to other sites, i'll just throw it on my google drive.

it is really good news if that workaround fixes it for now, i am having a great time playing and twitch streaming this game, and this problem has stopped me from doing so. (of course ideally i would be able to stream it in fullscreen)

(replying to post with more information)
So i just tried out the exit fullscreen mode option. (i started it, exited full screen, closed it [tested if it happened, it did] restarted my computer and then opened the game again [this time it opens not in fullscreen, so it was never in full screen])

and it still happens, so that workaround doesn't seem to work for me.

for additional diagnostic information: i noticed that on my graphics monitoring my video engine utilization shoots up to 100% after the game closes and stays pegged there. This seems to be a possible cause to the symptoms of this issue.

I am terribly sorry to post a third time in reply to the thread in a row.

but i am also terribly sorry to report that i believe i fixed my issue. shortly after these issues i started having further problems with my system and i believe i found the solution. i can't be certain until i do further testing over a few days, but i was able to play the game without any issues after quitting.

I was kind of worried so i didn't apply my fixes one at a time to find out which one actually fixed my issue but i did three things:

  • repaired my corsair driver install (including CUE) [for some reason i started having issues with this program in conjunction with my graphics drivers]
  • i was already running the newest version of my nvidia graphics drivers, so i went into the custom installer and had it do a clean reinstall
  • i updated my windows to the absolute latest version, the October creators update. this could have done two different things: either effectively reinstalled my OS (since it is a large update of core systems), or just fixed some parts that weren't working with my drivers.

I don't know why this game caused the issues to become visible, but i am sorry to say that this may have been an issue with my system that the game only made apparent.

at this point this thread is probably of little use, as this may have just been all my systems fault.

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Thanks for the update!

Very glad you think you've solved the issue, and hopefully this thread will help others solve the issue too, if they need it.

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