What's your general strategy ? New to the franchise.

Finding my feet on xbox one, really enjoying the game so far.

So on The bog, I probably wasted an hour moving a fuel tanker that wasn't required, moving the yellow log lifter truck to thelp log station etc, then managed to topple my first load of 4 log points on a small section of road to the west which the trailer slipped off the edge of.

Take 2 was much better, I realised that I could outfit a log vehicle , get fuel at the west log station and probably make it all the way to the lumber mill, which I did just about, had a few near topples.

Got me thinking about strategy. I used the small 4x4 to explore a bit and unlocked the towers, then got a garage truck and trailer to the north east garage to unlock that. Can't help but think I did things in a weird order.

Also, the yellow log lifting vehicle (not good with the Names! ) appeared to have little point as I was able to load logs to my truck without it. What's it's purpose? I'm playing on casual at the moment if that makes a difference.

What would you do on the bog?

Normally you start by getting all watchpoints, trucks and garages. Then it's time to bring over the logs.

You need crane in hardcore mode as automatic loading is disabled in it. Also you can pick up logs that are on the ground after you topple your truck.

My usual strategy is to use the A class UAZ to get all watchtowers and unlock all trucks. Then use an appropriate truck (usually one from my starting garage as it is convenient) to unlock all garages. Then use whatever truck you want to deliver logs, planning the most logical route.

For logs you need to deliver 8 points total. There are many different way to achieve this depending on what attachments you prefer to use. Small logs are 3 points, medium are 4 points and long are 6 points. By using a tuck equipped with a carriage and towing a cart you can also load two small logs for 6 points. Usually this means you can complete an objective in two runs using a combination of all these.

My personal preference is to make my first delivery with just a load of small logs in a carriage to scout the route (3 points), then to make my second delivery of two loads of small logs in a carriage and cart (6 points). I find the small logs are far more stable and less likely to roll than medium or long ones, plus if you get stuck you can unhitch the cart without loosing the load.

The K-700 (the yellow loader) can be a very useful towing and rescue vehicle. It's also great for loading logs as it can grab a full load from a log station at once, although in casual manual loading is not necessary. If you spill your load it is possible to recover it though by placing all three spilled logs back on the trailer.

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