User content in shop

Perhaps this has been mentioned, but couldn't find it.

Some star players lack models and people have always hoped for bigger armor for upgraded players etc.
I understand it's not going to be worth it for you considering the limited player base.

However if you would allow users to create skins and models to put in the shop we could perhaps make it happen anyway.

  • Allow users to add content to the shop (perhaps even manually through email to minimize development time). I guess they need some rigs with an animation or two to be able to do this properly (no need to give existing models though).
  • The content would have to be accepted by cyanide to avoid pure crap and offensive stuff and marked as "User supplied content" in the shop.
  • Give content creators payment in Cyans, while grabbing a small amount for yourself.
  • Allow requirements on the models (only for certain player type, only for a certain level) so that only experienced players can have the most awesome models.
  • Allow changing model for existing player (to manually upgrade model as they level).
Community Manager

User content and Steam Workshop are something very cool I'd love to see in BB2, but it's a challenge to implement. Maybe in potential future content update.

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