Wheel and Multiplayer on ps4

First of all let me congratulate the deva on this unique and amazing looking game. Really great stuff!

Before I buy I wanna ask if the ps4 has wheel support? I have a t300 wheel and would love to play this with it.
And is there online multiplayer?


The wheel support will come sometime later to consoles.

And yes there is a multiplayer for up to four players.

@fortknoxfive thank you very much for the quick response.

I guess I will hold off for now because I can't go back to a controller ever again. It's been too long. Hopefully the support comes soon!

Yeah I know what you mean, same for me.
I would suggest that it will come within the next patch, hopefully soon.
Was a bit disappointed when I started the game and my wheel didn't work, but even for hardcode wheel players like me it's still enjoyable with a controller đź‘Ť

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