No HDMI audio in full screen, have to play windowed

It worked the very first time I played the game but that's it.

The game will not launch anymore if audio is set to an HDMI plasma TV, but works fine when the game is in windowed mode.

All Windows 10 settings are correct, Mudrunner and the original Spintires are the only games with this problem.

Tried different HDMI ports, different cables, rebooted, re-installed, no dice.

Please advise, are there crash logs that would be helpful for support?

I would take (and be happy with) a borderless windowed mode so the taskbar doesn't pop up everytime I exit the advanced menu because it puts your mouse cursor in the lower right corner everytime you do and triggers the taskbar to show.

Of course, full screen HDMI audio would be the best but borderless windowed would be fine so I can at least have some TV audio instead of crap PC speaker.

Community Manager

Hi there!

We're currently aware of the issue that's happening here, and we're looking into a way to fix it. We don't think logs will be helpful here, so we'll hold off on asking for them - if we do need them, we'll let you know.

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