[Feedback Compiled] List of wants from the community.

So here I want to post a compiled list feedback and things the community want here so it's all in one place. I've gathered info from several sources like this forum, the steam forum, my opinions, and some of my friends opinions.

-This is not the place for requests

Also there is no particular order of importance at the moment. `

Compiled List

  • Working mirrors and track ir and make the cockpit veiw turn out the window to look behind
  • The addition of wheelsets similar to we had in the old game

  • Better wheel support

  • Independant definable controls for the crane

  • there needs to be less strictness on loading trailers at log stations.

  • Add spotlight addons for night time for better sight. (some requested reverse lights)

  • 64bit verses 32 bit. Currently there is only a non-official fix out there for 4gb support

  • Better truck mod support. Right now several mods are losing textures due to not enough memory allowed.

  • Online map mod support. This is really setting back this game

  • free camera-- for photos and possibly watching friends from afar.

  • alot of people are requesting a swingman type camera

  • Added : Strange feeling clutch. The clutch doesn't have a grabbing point, and doesn't make car accelerate on its own life in real life.

That seems to be the majority of things I've seen around. We will add to this list as things become more known, We're only 2 or 3 days into this games release.

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I'd like a working map editor... unless others are having no issue...

@roughrider Hey, where can i download this 64 bit fix?
I also want official 64 bit patch.

back in the real world there are lots of crappy un-optimised mods not fit for purpose, and using them YOU take ALL the risk associated with using un-optimised third-party mods.

Vanilla ST mudrunner is hardly what you would call a RAM hog even on maximum settings.

@drifter I didn't mention anything with the editor because I feel that thing needs it's whole other topic.

@roughrider said in [Feedback Compiled] List of wants from the community.:

@drifter I didn't mention anything with the editor because I feel that thing needs it's whole other topic.

And it's offically titled as "BETA", so i do hope WIP 😉

@roughrider said in [Feedback Compiled] List of wants from the community.:

@drifter I didn't mention anything with the editor because I feel that thing needs it's whole other topic.

@schlammspringer said in [Feedback Compiled] List of wants from the community.:

@roughrider said in [Feedback Compiled] List of wants from the community.:

@drifter I didn't mention anything with the editor because I feel that thing needs it's whole other topic.

And it's offically titled as "BETA", so i do hope WIP 😉

Yeah I know and was debating mentioning it in this topic. Hopefully since it is beta we will see regular updates and fixes. I have to say when I first opened and set up the editor and it wasn’t working I just sighed.... here we go again. So on topic; good list so far. This game could really become exceptional if they continue to listen to the user base.

Fix for how clutch works and how gears work? Releasing clutch slowly is not making vehicle to move! Not real at all!
There is no point in using gears in between 1st and last gear because all we need is to move vehicle then just switch to highest gear to gain max speed faster than changing gears in order! That is insanely unrealistic and makes no sense to use manual gear box!

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is hardly what you would call a RAM hog even on maximum settings

Not sure you know how things work. The game has somewhere between 1.5 and 2 gigs of Memory to work with stock, just like the old spintires. That doesn't leave much to work with after all of these new things that have been added. The game engine recognizes a problem and doesn't show textures to conserve RAM for the limit.

You need to watch those allcaps.

I am not sure YOU know how many unoptimised mod there are out there made by lazy inept people who will make small rivets with hundreds of vertex or who will use needless large sized textures for the amount of detail they contain, etc etc.

the skill in making modals is in knowing what details to make in 3d and what to put in the texture via the render to texture function of your 3d program, when you render out from your high-res master that everything else is derived from.

and when you add mods YOU accept the above and add a limited amount of them, or you sort the wheat from the chaff so you can add more.

as for caps used for single words for emphasis, YOU need to get over YOURSELF. 😉

Good that Mirrors are the number one ^^ would make freaking sense since we have a "working" Cockpit.

I would love me a BatteryWinch and the option to turn down Music and Sounds.

Last but not least: I wanne Play with my Ps3 Controller on Pc.
(Ok thats more likely a Microsoft issue)

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@checkmypixel you can turn off the music in the menu . I liked it at first, but it got old fairly quickly, especially when playing online.

Lots of my friends and me wants crossplatform play.
it's most important thing

I played the original Spintires and loved it. New one is even better IMO. The prospects of future updates and improvements to the game is very exciting.
My wish list for the game is.

  • 64Bit support

  • Mirrors in cockpit view, duh

  • Shared game world in MP. I.E see other players headlights, mud trails etc

  • TrackIR support for when in cockpit

  • Higher resolution textures, hence 64Bit

I'm really enjoying the game in coop. I have no issues with the camera (I'm playing with steam controller) but I guess an option for orbital view would be nice as well. Can't wait to see what future updates bring

Why easier crane and truck position? It’s super easy the way it is now.

What’s wrong is the menus, that’s the real fight in MudRunnner.

Menus & Camera, that’s hell in this game.

I'd like to be able to play this game without a constant internet connection.

Also working windscreen wiper !
with rain 😄 Would bring so much to the atmosphere to be poured in rain

i just want working brakes whe using force accel (cruise control) when driving the bigger trucks. right now only the little vehicles brakes work with force accel (a968, a496 and a3151). also would be nice to have the overlay for force accel "cruise control" when taking screen shots turn off like the rest of the HUD does.

@8up-local Ive found that i just dont want to use this feature at all. There is very little to gain vs things lost. Like looking around.

@roughrider to each their own, but i use this feature all the time. it is my main way of driving. so it means a lot to me if i do not have brakes when using it. lol

Hmm. A thought occurred. A set of winter maps as a DLC for example would be seriously awesome 😛

I agree with CaptnCourget dynamic weather like rain and snow with working wipers would add so much to the atmosphere.
It would make the environment so much more realistic.
Weather has been one of my top wanted features since the original Spintires along with working mirrors, cab view like in ETS2 so you can look out the cab window to see behind and most wanted feature of all is syncronised lights, sound.
Hope to see bigger maps in the future too, atleast three times the size or more.
I'm still a bit worried about it ending up like the original where we see nothing but downgrades and then gets abandoned.

Also to make cab view more immersive it would be nice to have mud and water splashing on the windscreen when going through mud puddles which would require use of the wipers to be able to see. Along with much longer lasting mud splash decals on the vehicle would be nice.

Community Manager

Thank you for putting this list together for us, @RoughRider! I've taken note of everything listed there, much appreciated.

Can we please sticky or pin this thread ? It's a great spot for peeps to share ideas and thoughts.

Dub this thread a " wish list " thread and then ask the community to only reply with realistic goals. It would be easier as community member to keep tabs on the things already mentioned and it might prove useful as a developer, designer or admin to see what direction the community is looking.
We know people want to sync the lights and mud, we wanna hear more. Just don't go asking for zombies and roof mounted weapons.

If I had a wish for this game it would be a Sherp style scout/support vehicle. If you're not familiar with the Sherp, please look it up.

all we need to have done along with this is to figure out exactly what people "want" versus what we or the game "needs".

looking through the different threads on the forum i see mostly things people are just "wanting" added to the game, but most of that stuff is not really "needed", at least not just yet anyway. would be a good idea to stay focused on the things that are "needed" first, then we can turn our attention to these "wanted" features.

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Broken log hauler trailer fixed... Need.
Syncing damage, mud or lights... Want.

This thread is called the list of wants. If there's a need, there's the support threads in that forum for those needs.

I don't think anyone is expecting these change made today, but in all here's a great list of ideas.

@iyagovos Anything to make things better.

Better vehicle camera, similar to Gta or something along those lines!

64 bit, is a big thing that NEEDS to happen, specially since we where promised it anyway, that would fix a lot of the mod problems we have as well.

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