Xbox one multiplayer trouble


I’ve tried asking facebook, discord, reddit and now i’m here.

I can play multiplayer with others, and so can my friend.

We play every other game we have fine together.

We can’t connect to eachother. He’s from the USA and i’m UK.

Issue: It says connection timed out.

Resolutions tried: hard reset, modem reset, game reset, port changes, ip reset, cycling cache, resinstalling the game, and all our internet settings say very etc.

I’m at a loss. Can anyone help us???

if you can load your game and then invite your friend dont invite in lobby thats problem with pc so could be same with console

Any actual solution to this on xbox - i just get timed out no matter how I try to join my friends.

My problem is on Xbox one it wont load any lobbies at all?
Any one else have this problem?