I have a new map .

Map now not hidden .
64 x 64 biggest map possible
1 starting garage unlocked
1 locked garage
2 Fuel stations
5 lumber mills (40 log points needed)
4 unlocked Kraz255
1 locked damaged and out of fuel Kraz255
2 log kiosk
1 log station
24 logs scattrered on the map (24 points)
2 overgrown tracks with watch towers have 4 short logs each
3 pairs of long logs scattered on the map
More overgrown tracks
''No custom objects''

Close the game if its running, open Config.xml located in “C:\Users[username[\AppData\Roaming\SpinTires MudRunner”, and add a line “<MediaPath Path="Media" />” after <MediaPath Path="Media.zip" />:
Extract the download and put the folder named "Media" including subsequent folders within to your main mudrunner folder . IE:Steam\steamapps\common\Spintires MudRunner < Media folder goes in here .

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i have been trying to convert a modded map but it tells me to open a folder with unpacked terrain files no matter the folder i chose it says this so im stuck

Only the original modder with the xml file can convert it .

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