Console Controls - Proportional Steering with Stick?

I'm really liking this game a lot but I feel like the steering is a bit of a mess since you can't hold the stick in one spot while steering. Fully proportional steering relative to the stick movement would be much better. holding the stick just slightly one way or the other results in the steering going to full lock in that direction.

@derek-b this game is a little different. It's always been this way, where no matter how much you hold the stick, it still turns, just slower. The only way to straighten out is to turn the other way . Strange at first, but its easy to get used to.

Thanks for the reply. I want don't it to center necessarily, just hold a position when I push the partially. More like an actual steering wheel would work. I've gotten used to the way it is but would like it better with proportional steering.

@derek-b i feel you, they disabled the analog steering for some reason. But i guess one of the reasons would be maybe to not have an advantage over the keyboard users? No idea why, i miss it, but i got used to this one already. Not saying that i don't want that back tho 🙂

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