Crawl gear with H shifter - how to?

Hey there. At the beginning of Climb the hill challenge you're stuck in the river and should use crawl gear. How to do it with wheel and H shifter? There is no possibility to assign crawl gear to H shifter, nor any other keybind to switch the crawl gear on. I can't move jeep on any other gear. Would that mean that is my endgame with Logitech G27 or is there some solution which I'm missing?

You'll get the same effect if you dont use 100% throttle. That's all crawl gear is. Just feather the throttle for better grip sometimes.

Still can't move the jeep from place. It's stuck in the river even when gas feathering. Part of the challenge is that to fulfill all 3 extra points you should not use winch. So what else can I do without winch?

Forget it, it works now. I was stuck in parking brake due to some glitch and it wouldn't unlock. After game restart it's fine 🙂

@roughrider That is no true at all. I noticed that while playing one of challenge maps with this big two headed snake (I call it that way 🙂 ) on swampy area I got stuck and vehicle did not move while I had 1st geat on no throttle btw I use g29 wheel with H shifter. Wheels spinned and vehicle was not moving even a inch and my foot was off pedals. I did not like that on 1st gear wheels spin way to fast so I pressed clutch at about 50% and operated throttle and BOOM vehicle start to slowly move while by doing what I described wheels turned slower.
Weird mechanics for clutch and for tire grip but it is the way to make wheels spin slower and gain more grip. Weird stuff.

My opinion is that game have very weird mechanics behind manual gears. Ti is not important what gear you use while driving on roads! There is no gear torque at all!!!!

I can start on 1st gear then change to 5th and truck accelerate as on any other gear just one difference is top speed on gears!
Seriously that sucks!!! Try that on normal truck or even a car! Just start on 1st gear and gain max speed for it and try 5th gear and see how negine will strugle to accelerate! Also you are straining engine and damn gearbox!!! In Mudrunner it is not the case!

Also there is no way on flat tarmac road to start off only by using clutch! That is another dumb thing in this game. Seriously vehicles dont work that way! Vehicles with manual shifter can start moving just by releasing clutch slowly!

Seriously weird thing is going on with how Mudrunner handles manual gear shifting and clutch.
Summarising cluth is uber unrealistic even compared to other games! Gears have no torque so no point in going from 1 gear through 2,3,4 instead just hit 5th gear and you will go much faster to vehicle top speed rather than using 1,2,3,4,5 !!!!!

That is ridiculous!

Problem is, that there's no real simulation of the engine/transmission and the scripting of the behaviour is a bit strange 😉

There a at least a few problems all due to "the game engine" Probably Pavel didn't expect the game to become such popular and because of that everyone suffers. There is no real RPM/KMH system and also "gearboxes". Today playing on The Hill I was totally shocked when climbing very steep asphalt road my truck just swiftly went from gear 1 to 5 within seconds. That should have never happened, even to an unloaded truck.

There are some other weird things, they surely have changed input devices sensitivity. I'm using Driving Force Pro, in Spintires I needed to press that pedal to start driving and that was the right amount of force. Now in MR I can unstuck my truck but need to barely touch the pedal if I use the same amount of force that in ST the wheels start to spin and the truck stays in place.

I also noticed that using gearstick levels 1-2-3 (crawling) on gear 1 makes it easier to move the stuck vehicle than using my gas pedal (which shouldn't be), maybe because of this sensitivity issue I mentioned above.

есть такая прблема

Throttle appears to be more "how fast would you like to go" instead of "how much power would you like to apply" in this game...
Try going up an incline with minimal throttle (keep the throttle at the same spot) and listen... If the vehicle's forward momentum decreases too much, you'll hear the engine rev up to get back up to the desired speed, despite the user not having added any additional throttle input...
It's almost like a cruise/traction control mashup... Focus is definitely more on the mud physics than vehicle dynamics...

@mexican_420 quite true since this is more of a terrain sim than a vehicle sim.

i have been wondering why though they have called things what they are? since they are not actually what they say they are. i mean cruise control? cruise control holds a set speed not a set throttle position, which is why i prefer to call it force accel. same with the "crawler gears" they are just different throttle positions not gears. all kinda pointless though since they chose to go with the generic terms that people just started calling them. i have a controller, but prefer key board, so while i really do not have the problems you fellas are having i do feel for you and hope they get this straightened out.

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