Is there another way to unlock all maps?

I never did logging in Spintires and i dont plan doing it in Mudrunner so i need another way to unlock maps. I just want to have some fun and explore maps with my own mods instead of logging with standard trucks. Hope there is a way as it be frustrating only to have 2 maps.

@woodingot Nice to see you've made it to mudrunner. There is a file that can be replaced that contains this information. I think it's in your appdata folder called UserProfile

Thanks for reply i look into it so far i found its .stu file but im not sure how to open it.

@woodingot If you happen to know someone who has them all unlocked, you could replace it with theirs.

Anyone reading this who has all the maps unlocked i want your UserProfile.stu file from C:\Users\YourComputerNameHere\AppData\Roaming\SpinTires MudRunner Thanks 😃

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Just play them in order! For me it is cool. I hated how Spintires handled map. I had no idea which is first and which is the hardest. Now they upgraded it. I am on first map so I will see how it works out.

And if I don't want to Play in order, please upload someone the UserProfile.stu file.


Then dont play games? Or use cheats? I have no idea because it is dumb that all games would allow to start any level at any point! I love unlocking and progression in games. Spintires lacked that and it sucked hard.

If there would be any cheats, I would use them.

Does someone know cheats for this game?

@CoSm1c gAm3r As modder i see Mudrunner more as sandbox to play with my own created content and im not so much interested in story mode. I just want freedom to do what i like instead of following set path and having to invest hours into just unlocking maps.

So you need game for yourself and other have no right to want cool game and dont want some puzzle solving sandbox?
Now it is proper game not tech demo!

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@cosm1c-gam3r said in Is there another way to unlock all maps?:

So you need game for yourself and other have no right to want cool game and dont want some puzzle solving sandbox?
Now it is proper game not tech demo!

Calm down man all i asked for was the .stu file XD

You also insinuated that unlocking anything is redundant in games. So.

It's a Userprofile.stu file, all 9 challenges are unlocked.

It really works, so I post the link here so that everyone can download his file.

Here, took 4 hours for me to complete them with 3 stars.

This file is from someone in another forum, but it really works.

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^ Its my Userprofile.stu, enjoy.

Thanks for that all challenge maps are unlocked now just need single player maps unlocked and im happy.

I unlocked all chalenges on all stars by myself 🙂 I would feel bad for being so lazy to use others work 🙂
Im now conquering single player maps 🙂

@CoSm1c-gAm3r Everybody can play the game as he will like to play. So why it bothers you?

@woodingot You still need a userprofile with everything unlocked?

As I mentioned he insinuated that unlocking maps feature is useless in Mudrunner and he would rather want it gone. That is the problem. Now Mudrunner have more sense and fun to unlock while Spintires was not. But he rather want Spintires map system. For me it is ridiculous claim.

@Alpscruiser yes i would like file that unlocks single player maps but im not interested in challenge maps as i cant use mods there anyway.

@CoSm1c-gAm3r I never did say i wanted developers to change maps to unlocked in fact i have no problem with progression. All i want is the save file so i can skip unlocking maps and spend my time playing with mods.

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