Thumb Position on Wheel

I know this is just being picky but your thumbs should be on the outside of wheel when going off-road. It's just a small detail that I immediately noticed.

What you mean? 🙂 I have no idea what you are talking about. Be more specific or show screenshot of what you are talking about.

In cockpit view his thumbs are on the inside of the steering wheel. One of the first things you learn when driving off-road is to keep your thumbs on the outside up by your fingers. That way when your tire hits something and the steering wheel is jerked you don't risk breaking your thumbs.

The avatar frequently does X with his hands so I think thumbs are minor detail really 😉

I know, it's just one of those little details that stood out.

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@derek-b Oh ok 🙂 I understand.
I had car accident. I hit tree straight on with my hands on the wheel at about 40kmh.... My thumbs was fine But my middle finger hurts after that 😃 Weird :p
Anyway maybe in the future they will add such details.
As for now there are other funny bugs. My driver was asleep while driving UAZ! 😃 Seriously he used his mind to controll vehicle. Its that he is so awesome he dont need to use his hands at all or even watch to drive! 😃

Dat trigger discipline 😛

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