Change of path by the client

I am getting annoyed with the client changing my chosen path by an alternative one. The system seems to always choose to go around instead of dodging for example. On a regular basis i establish a path from point A to point C going through a tackle zone ( let s call it square 😎 as i have the dodge skill and it make more sense. Once i validate the itinerary i highlighted the path is automaticaly changed to go around point B and increase the path with 1 or 2 gfi.
Can we have the option to get the system to choose the shortest route per default and not the "safest"?

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You can set the path you want by clicking on each square in succession and then confirming on the position you want to end up on. You can also avoid clicking on every square if say the path is straight until you reach a dodge point. Just click on the square you want to dodge from and then plot your course from there. Just experiment a little with it and you'll get the idea.

i knew that already , but thank you for taking the time to respond to my thread. My issue is when i highlight a path , when i validate it the client changes it entirely toward what it consider safest unless of course i break down the path by clicking on intermediate squares to force the path i want ( the way you just described above) . I give you an example you have player ag 4 with dodge , you choose to go through a tackle zone ( oppo has no takle) to get to your destination square as you know the dodge skill will save you a RR and you can only fail on a 1 . Once you validate the path changes and go around the oppo forcing you to add 2 gfi and subsequently loose a RR and roll up to 3 times (fail gfi ,RR , gfi ) and increase your chances of failure as well as make you loose a RR in case of natural 1 . To have the desired itinerary you are then forced to click on the oppo tackle zone, get your player to get on the move then click again to the final destination. My question is why the client HAD to change the path in the first place. Or at least get an option to choose which type of path is offered to the coach ( safest or shortest, or simply disable it )

Have never noticed the path I have manually selected being changed by the game. It does happen when i dont commit to the move and then re-plan, effectively starting afresh, but i've never noticed an occasion where i have manually mapped the route and it changed itself.

Yeah, I have not had this issue either. If I take the time to create the path myself the path is always followed by the game in my case. Though I frequently do the path one space at a time for cases where I'll be going through tacklezones, so I may not have tested that area very well.

I do have the constant issue where I pick a path, it looks good, then I click again to accept it. THEN the GFI that is needed shows up after I chose to use the path and I have to wait for the inevitable 1 at the end of the run. I wish it didn't take so long for the GFI to show up, as I have to count spaces manually every time unless I want to wait 5 seconds after creating the path to realize it used a GFI!

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