What do you guys specifically think a lovecraftian horror should look like?

i really do hope to see some creative creatures and oddities.

what kind of special feature for a creature that would intrigue you the most?

for me there are a couple of neet things i'd enjoy see [even if not at this game specifically (prehaps in one of Focus home interactive future games)].

  1. iv'e seen the way of how the jellyfish stings leave it's tentacle.
    can you imagine seeing literal stings (long ones) coming out of the pores on a man face?

  2. maybe some small insects which infest the body of their'e victimes? strange plagues out not of this world? ive always been disgusted from pouring infected wounds and parasitical insects.

  3. perhaps when the main character will be revealed to the true and horrific nature of our (lovecraft's) cosmos he will be able to see the horrors that linger at the skies themselves, greater in their staggering scale and measure then the human mind can even comprehend.

the type of horrors that make you feel defenseless and meaningless.

prehaps through the search of what makes the everyday m(ME)an cringe and the things that shake a man to his very core can we establish some neet ideas.

It's hard to look past Darkest Dungeon as the most quintessential representation
of Lovecraft in a game to date, if CoC comes anywhere near that it will be a fantastic

I really do hope that the game itself will be a gem.

this studio makes some kickass games.

iv'e always been a fan of lovecraft's work and i do enjoy playing other RPG's (white wolf junk included) so naturally when i heard focus interactive where going to make a "werewolf the apocalypse" plus a CoC Game i got really fucking exited.

so generally i hope that they'l make a big score with the new direction that they strive towards.

and i hope that the games will deliver as well lol.